Don't know where to start?!


Exglos is a post-hyip investment project run by a blockchain developer. The goal is to popularize the blockchain and develop blockchain apps. The first exglos product is the exglos token (exg).

Exg is an erc20 ethereum token, and like a regular erc20 token, it can be stored, transferred and used in third-party projects. Exglos token is created only when purchased with eth and cannot be destroyed. Current price is 0.002 eth/exg, it can be changed by the developer. This money is used for development, the income is distributed proportionally among all token holders as dividends. Dividends can be withdrawn as eth or reinvested back into exg. For owners of more than 0.000000001 exg there is a referral program - 1.5% of the purchase, immediately, in eth. Referral requirement and percentage can be changed by the developer. The contract contains the current url of the project. The contract is immutable and cannot be turned off. The developer cannot change/block funds, only their owner can manage tokens and dividends.

Blockchain data is open to everyone for study and analysis. Transactions have comments. The contract and the app are completely open source. App is hosted on a static host and cannot save any user data. Every dividend payout and every change in price or referral program will be announced. Exglos has an open community without moderation.

The second exglos product is - an ethereum web wallet. It does not require installation and registration - just save and backup the password, and use it on any device.